Corin provides one-of-a-kind content that includes guided meditations, mindful activities, breathing exercises, educational lectures, homework, and informational hand-outs. When teaching new clients she emphasizes the importance of learning the foundations of mindfulness, as well as gaining a basic understanding of how mindfulness actually works. She teaches mindfulness in the form of workshops, programs, lectures, and one-on-one consultations.

Her content is consistently being updated with evidence-based findings and feedback in order to be relevant and accurately reflect the needs of her clients. As part of Corin's teaching method, she introduces her clients to a variety of formal and informal mindfulness practices to help expose them to different styles of mindfulness. Her services provide an affordable and accessible option in the city to those interested in learning mindfulness. Additionally, she takes special requests on topics that are not offered as long as advance notice is given.

Meditation Class


Workshops introduce clients to the basic concepts of mindfulness and meditation through a practical hands-on approach. All packages include a lecture and informational hand-out with a choice of 1 to 3 add-ons. Add-ons include: mindful activities, breathing exercises, and guided meditations. These workshops provide clients with the skills and knowledge to begin a basic at-home mindfulness practice. Workshops are samples of what the courses have to offer.  (60-90 minutes)

Popular Workshops Include:

~Introduction to Mindfulness  ~Mindfully Managing Stress

~Cultivating Mindful Resilience  ~Enhancing Mind-Body Connection  

~Fostering Mindful Self-Compassion

Mudra Meditation


Programs are the best way for clients to be exposed to a wide-variety of meditations, breathing exercises, and mindful activities. As an additional bonus, these programs include group discussions and home-work material. Not only are these courses educational but they also provide clients with the knowledge and skills to start their own mindfulness program. Programs run for 3-8 weeks. (60-90 minutes)

Topics Include:

~The Meditations Series    ~Mindfully Managing During COVID-19   

~Mindful Resilience Program    ~Mindful Living Program ~Mindful Wellness Series

Female Lecturer


Lectures are educational seminars that provide clients with a basic understanding of mindfulness and meditation. Included is an informational hand-out.  These sessions are purely educational and do not include any activities, meditations, or breathing exercises. However, for an additional fee clients can request a closing meditation at the end of the lecture. (15-90 minutes)

Topics Include:

~ Introduction to Mindfulness    ~Mindfulness and Stress   

~ Mindfulness and Chronic Pain    ~History of Mindfulness

Meditation Class


Drop-in classes are for clients who are already familiar with mindfulness and want to experience the benefits of group meditation. These classes include a breathing exercise/meditation, a brief discussion, and a closing guided meditation. Topics and meditations will vary. Although these classes cater towards those who already meditate, upon request Corin is more than happy to privately discuss the basics before or after class with individual clients. (15-45 minutes)

Couple Meditating on the Beach


For one-on-one consultations Corin works directly with her clients to assess, teach, and create a mindfulness program suited to the individual. Most consultations consist of 3-6 sessions either in person, through Skype, or phone. Clients can make special requests determining the preferred length and time of day of each session. Consultations include homework and feedback. These sessions are for those who are new to mindfulness or those who want to fine-tune their existing mindfulness practice. (60-120 minutes)